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What's the point of having an app or website unless you can actually measure its performance?

Why we made Nimble

We have been creating apps and websites for over ten years; and in this time, we’ve identified a gap between the goals that business owners or marketing departments want to achieve, and the practical reality of how to get there.

Digital marketing is a complex field, and the litany of jargon can make it confusing. We found that our clients often misunderstood the data they had access to - or didn’t know that this data was available to them at all. That’s where we come in.

Nimble exists to bridge this gap, we help you to extract meaningful insights about the performance of your app or website, in plain English.

We also provide access to powerful online tools, used to create sustainable traffic sources that funnel new prospects towards your online property.

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Our Services

Nimble has developed a suite of services designed to supercharge your website or app. Use the menu below to learn more.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process by which new business prospects are attracted via digital marketing channels. We make use of both the Google and Facebook marketing platforms to acquire these prospects. The nature of your business will determine which of these platforms is more appropriate.

Nimble generates new sources of traffic for your business via expert use of online marketing platforms.

Our lead generation campaigns are focused on creating a sustainable platform which can attract prospects at a cost which does not outweigh the value provided by the prospect. To this end, we focus on continually optimising these campaigns to reduce the cost per acquisition while increasing the on-site conversion rate in order to maximise campaign effectiveness.

The on-site performance of users acquired through our campaigns is also analysed to identify whether we’re attracting the ideal audience.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) aims to ensure that your website complies with the best practices of Google while also adhering to the standards of modern website development.

We work very closely with Google’s Search Console platform to identify any potential issues which may be preventing your website from showing up higher in search results. Additionally, there are several other tools we utilise to help us assess a website from Google’s perspective.

Nimble improves your site's search ranking by fine tuning metadata and ensuring compliance with tech standards.

Our SEO offering is very closely tied to our Organic Performance Monitoring (OPM), with findings from those reports being rectified in an SEO exercise. We advise making use of our Organic Performance Monitoring offering to identify quick fixes which can be done on an ongoing basis, with a full SEO exercise being done at least once a year.

Dunlop Tyres tasked us with increasing organic traffic to their website through Search Engine Optimisation efforts. We were able to achieve this by addressing several problematic areas of the website, and they continue to gain larger volumes of organic traffic month-on-month.

Brand Awareness

Our brand awareness campaigns are all about reaching new people who have likely never heard of your business and putting a message or product in front of them.

These campaigns are typically designed to reach a very specific target audience, though they can be altered to reach a much wider audience if preferred.

Nimble targets new audiences with carefully tailored campaigns to bring your brand greater exposure.

We make use of several platforms in order to reach people with a message, with the most common of these being the Google display network, YouTube, and Facebook. The nature of the product or message being advertised will determine which of these platforms is most appropriate to use.

We have been tasked with many brand awareness campaigns. Most recently, we used YouTube to raise awareness of the 130th birthday of Dunlop Tyres.

Continual Target Management

This offering results in a monthly report which covers all aspects of how users are interacting with your website, as well as identifying which acquisition channels are providing the most value for your business.

The on-site behaviour of users acquired through campaigning efforts is also analysed to help optimise campaigns to provide a higher end value.

Nimble constantly monitors the efficiency of your online campaigns, tweaking them on the fly to ensure maximum efficacy.

The underlying focus of our Continual Target Management offering is to ensure that every aspect of your business in the digital space is providing a new value to you. If there is an area which is potentially costing your business more than the value you get out of it, we investigate this and provide our recommendations on how to adjust this in order to make that aspect work better for you.

Sumitomo Rubber South Africa utilise Nimble's CTM offering to report on activity on the Dunlop Tyres website, as well as to monitor interactions with website utilities and measure the value created for the business through these interactions.

Organic Performance Monitoring

Organic Performance Monitoring is our solution to continuously checking that your website complies with Google’s standards.

This offering also includes a monthly report which details traffic to the website via Google as well as what these users are doing once they get to the website.

Nimble provides detailed reporting on your monthly site traffic and user behaviour patterns.

We also keep an eye on the more technical side of the website’s SEO issues, with a report detailing the issues Google has identified on the website and our recommendations on how to fix these issues.

This offering is ideal for businesses who are keen to understand their website’s organic presence as well as areas which potentially require investment in SEO.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a great service if you want your business to be found in the online space by potential prospects.

This platform allows people to publicly review your business, and in turn lets the business owner respond to these reviews. Additionally, the profile can be populated with all business information and photos, and a link to your existing website can be incorporated to funnel people to a more customised experience.

Nimble manages and optimises your presence on Google My Business, connecting you and your customers with curated information.

Perhaps most importantly for businesses with a physical store - Google My Business allows users to navigate directly to your business on Google Maps. This demonstrates exactly how useful a Google My Business listing can be, with the ability to direct people to both your online and offline destinations.

We offer the management of this online profile as a service. This includes a report each month detailing how many people found your business, which platforms they found your business on, and an overview of all actions taken by users on your business profile.

Case Studies

Nimble has helped numerous clients achieve their marketing goals over the years. We have collected some examples of our most impactful campaigns; you can explore these using the carousel below.

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