With the launch of the Zulu Rock website, we were asked to help direct relevant traffic to this property, as the site had very little online presence.

The Approach

We set up campaigns targeting several groups of people both around the country and the world, with these campaigns containing keyword-specific bid adjustments based on the level of intent conveyed by the search terms of users. We also incorporated multiple keyword match types to more closely target users at various points along their journeys. These match types were also used as a basis on which to adjust bids.

Ad formats were also crucial for these campaigns, and we made use of numerous different ad format options. We set up call extensions with conversion tracking in order to report on how many times someone placed a call from one of our ads. Sitelink extensions were used to help direct people to other relevant parts of the website. Callout extensions were also used to help communicate the various amenities offered, with Wi-Fi, television, and self-catering accommodation being examples of these.

Measurable Results

While working with a relatively small budget, we were able to direct 1,529 users to the website in the first month of running campaigns. These results were then digested with areas for optimisation being identified. An average click-through rate upwards of 4% has been steadily maintained since campaigning begun, with the cost of getting these users to the website slowly decreasing as a result of our ongoing optimisation efforts. Visibility of the website has also increased significantly, with an average of 32,800 impressions being achieved on a monthly basis

Users from ads
Click through rate
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