Nimble has engaged in a number of innovative solutions for the Dunlop brand over the years. Each solution is custom tailored to the clients needs.

Brand Awareness

Our Strategy

We decided to utilise video advertising to reach a wide audience. We set up a campaign to target several regions around the country, so people in these regions would see an ad on YouTube promoting the Dunlop Tyres brand. This campaign ran for a week at a time on alternating weeks, for a total of 12 weeks. This proved to be a successful approach, as users were not bombarded with ads constantly for 6 weeks, and the period between each campaigning week gave us time to evaluate what did and didn't work. This allowed us to make changes which increased performance each week.

Measurable Results

Our focus on constant weekly improvement paid off, with not only more people being reached on a daily basis with each campaigning period, but more consistent impressions were achieved instead of having dips and spikes.

The campaign ended with more than 750,000 impressions and almost 220,000 views. Further to this, our targeting method was proved to be accurate as 37% of users who saw our ad watched it until the very end - a figure which is significantly higher than the industry average. We were also able to achieve a cost per view of R0.23, which is 60% better than the industry average.

Cost per view
Complete viewings
Continual Target Management

SRSA makes use of our CTM offering on a monthly basis to monitor the Dunlop Tyres website and associated marketing activites.

A key feature of the Dunlop Tyres website is the Request a Quote tool where users can get a quote on tyres from dealers within the Dunlop Tyres network. The usage of this feature is tracked thoroughly with monthly meetings held with the SRSA marketing team to digest performance and raise any potential concerns. Interactions with other website utilities such as the dealer locator and tyre finder tools are also monitored.

Data associated with the Request a Quote utility has also helped to identify key regions around the country that would benefit most from targeted campaigning efforts. Campaigns which have subsequently been run in these areas proved to be successful, highlighting the importance of understanding and consulting the right data sources to make actionable decisions.

Apart from monitoring usage with the Request a Quote utility from a website user's perspective, dealer interactions with the system are also reported on. This provides insight into potential sales and helps us to identify dealers that may be in need of assistance with the system.

{"title":{"text":"Dealer Response Rate"},"chart":{"type":"area","height":450},"colors":["#FDD900"],"dataLabels":{"enabled":false},"series":[{"name":"Dealer Response Rate","data":[[1443650400000,8.71],[1446328800000,14.07],[1448920800000,28.94],[1451599200000,16.32],[1454277600000,18.06],[1456783200000,8.9],[1459461600000,8.67],[1462053600000,11.34],[1464732000000,24.45],[1467324000000,37.41],[1470002400000,37.81],[1472680800000,47.18],[1475272800000,44.78],[1477951200000,43.69],[1480543200000,42.96],[1483221600000,37.59],[1485900000000,28.03],[1488319200000,38.99],[1490997600000,43.81],[1493589600000,54.7],[1496268000000,54.83],[1498860000000,50.98],[1501538400000,61.31],[1504216800000,62.77],[1506808800000,60.04],[1509487200000,61.37],[1512079200000,59.28],[1514757600000,62.24],[1517436000000,70.67],[1519855200000,62.47],[1522533600000,67.31],[1525125600000,74.55],[1527804000000,69.39],[1530396000000,74.78],[1533074400000,74.93],[1535752800000,72.22],[1538344800000,68.47],[1541023200000,72.87],[1543615200000,69.61],[1546293600000,72.06],[1548972000000,72.66],[1551391200000,84.32],[1554069600000,78.52],[1556661600000,87],[1559340000000,85.9],[1561932000000,91.38]]}],"xaxis":{"type":"datetime","min":1443650400000,"tickAmount":6,"title":{"text":"Month"}},"yaxis":{"max":100,"min":0,"labels":{}},"tooltip":{"x":{"format":"dd MMM yyyy"}},"fill":{"type":"gradient","gradient":{"shadeIntensity":1,"opacityFrom":0.7,"opacityTo":0.9,"stops":[0,100]}}}
Lead Generation

Our Strategy

We were tasked with campaigning on behalf of SRSA to promote the new My Tyres app. The focus of this campaign was to maximise the number of people downloading the app through our campaigns.

We set up various campaigns to run from the Google Ads platform, with different audience networks being used to test the effectiveness and efficiency of each. These campaigns would take users directly to the Google Play Store or App Store, where they could download the app. This eliminated any drop-off we otherwise would have had if a landing page was introduced before reaching the store. Considering that the objective of this campaign was to maximise downloads, avoiding any drop-offs was crucial.

Measurable Results

Through a mix of narrow and wide targeting we managed to achieve a 13% conversion rate with almost 700 app downloads resulting from this campaign. We were able to stretch the campaign budget as far as we possibly could, with an all-time low cost per conversion being achieved.

The results of this campaign were very well received by all those at SRSA. With this being the first campaigning effort for the My Tyres app, achieving a low cost per acquisition was crucial in ensuring that this would be a sustainable channel through which new prospects can be attracted on an ongoing that this would be a sustainable channel through which new prospects can be attracted on an ongoing basis.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Our Strategy

The Dunlop Tyres website underwent an SEO refresh in 2018. There were several aspects involved in this which we targeted in order to boost the website's organic performance.

Due to the popularity of the website, there were a large number of backlinks pointing towards the site, though not all of these were from credible sources. We compiled a list of of all referring websites and disavowed those which we determined to be harming the website's performance.

A number of redirects were also added, as bots were finding previous versions of the website that no longer existed.

A large number of H1 tags and meta descriptions were added to help with page-specific performance.

Links to the website were added across all Dunlop Tyres social media accounts. This helps to provide authoritative referral links from platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Lastly, we consulted Google's data highlighter tool to help improve the search appearance of products within the tyre ranges. This would allow products to be displayed to users in search results with additional information added in the form of markup.

The result of this work was an almost immediate increase in organic performance and website traffic. This exercise is still continuing to deliver benefits today.

Backlinks checked
H1 tags added
Cost per view
Products Highlighted