The Babanango Outdoor Education website exists to help school teachers organise excursions where users can learn about the history, geography and ecology of the Babanango Nature Reserve and its surrounding areas.

The Approach

We were approached to help market this website in the online space and to create a sustainable stream of monthly traffic. Due to the nature of the website, there isn’t a large number of people searching online for school excursion destinations, and much less searching for excursions in the Babanango Nature Reserve area. As a result, we resorted to using display advertising.

We made use of in-market audiences to try reach an audience who are either researching a destination for a school excursion or are planning a holiday. While the website caters mainly for teachers and offers informational and interactive tours, the nature reserve still functions as a holiday destination.

Numerous image sizes were used in the creation of our campaigns, as this would allow us to reach users across multiple platforms and devices. We configured the campaigns to be shown to users in an aggressive manner in order to maximise the number of impressions shown on a monthly basis. This also resulted in our ads being shown across a large number of websites, allowing us to analyse the performance of the campaigns across these websites and bid more aggressively or conservatively based on the historical on-site performance of users acquired through each website.

Measurable Results

In line with our aggressive bidding strategy, our campaigns managed to achieve 981,736 impressions in the first month of campaigning at an average cost per 1,000 impressions of R15.86. Despite the aggressive bidding, we managed to achieve an initial click-through rate of 0.66%, indicating that the audience we were targeting was a relevant one.

Since campaigning started, we have managed to send 3,936 users to the website each month on average at an average cost of R1.91 per user. Our campaigns consistently achieve 800,000 plus impressions each month.

Total sessions from ads
Click through rate
Total Impressions
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